Birdz: Place Of Dreams

Joseph Lloyd
15th Jan 2019

Northern Territory expat, now based in Melbourne, Birdz’ latest EP is a trove of hip hop funk filled flexes. Delving deep into the lyrics of his last album are confronting social issues delicately layered on melodic soulful suave.

Almost 200,000 Spotify streams since its release, the same uplifting vibe to Birdz magnifyd exponentially with the vocal belting notes from Ecca Vandal. “The song really touches on the concept of a glass ceiling and the limitations people try put on you, especially where I come from and if you’re Indigenous…” says Birdz, as he gives insight to the track. “Ultimately, Place Of Dreams is about believing in yourself, having the strength to break through the bullshit and continue paving your own path.”

With the announcement of gigs in Sydney and Melbourne, drops the music video. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones - or so the saying goes, and from that derives the greenhouse setting of the clip. An abstract theme of the song’s aspiration to break through imposed glass ceilings. Some serious issues underpin the lyric which is contrasty presented in a dreamlike haze and visual seduction.

When lining this up to those in his previous album, it’s clear that there is nothing simple about Birdz’ ambitious and wide-ranging songcraft, which veers from reverential soul to deep hip hop to barking trap without ever feeling unfocused or cursory.

Balancing moments of delicate keys between formidable beats, the track tells a tale of limitations laid down by others and ultimately having the strength to believe in oneself.

Ecca Vandal provides captivating single flow vocals cemented by Birdz’ raw rap. Always formed by his heritage, the track evokes a compelling story told through both lyrics and organic composition.

A commanding message delivered with fervent passion, the first bite with ‘Place of Dreams’ will leave you craving more.