Chop Chef New Musical

Rebecca Varidel
28th Mar 2021

The fans adore the reality cooking shows - MasterChef, Top Chef and a grocery trolley full of more.

Chop Chef is the newest creation from Western Sydney Opera Company Blush Opera, and premieres this April at Riverside Theatres Parramatta. Looking back on the history of the real shows it seems 'Chop' is a definitely a more appropriate word. Not only do we see the contestants get the chop, but even the MasterChef judges and hosts. Wonder what this new opera will have to say about that? Chop Chef tells the dark, satirical story of six contestants from around the country who enter the dark battlefield of a fictional reality cooking show. Think MasterChef meets The Hunger Games.

The Opera pushes the boundaries with thrilling arias and melodramatic ensembles. Stretching each contestant to their limit as nothing will stop one of them from being the last chef standing!

Parramatta-based Blush Opera is lead by a trio of talent that includes co-artistic directors Jermaine Chau (Fancy Me Dead, The Muffin Fiend), Paul Smith (Fancy Me Dead, The Muffin Fiend), and Music Director Luke Spicer. The boutique Opera company formed in 2013 as a duo with the specific intention to bring opera out of the big halls and into venues more familiar to festival and cabaret audiences. Soon after Paul Smith joined the company and the trio began to create new entertaining and musically interesting operas that aimed to have wider appeal to present day audiences. That's much like why opera was first written.

Chop Chef will be performed live from Riverside Theatres and livestreamed to audiences across the country via Riverside Theatres Digital. Is this relevent for today? Watch and find out...