Collarbones: Everything I Want

Rebecca Varidel
11th Feb 2019

Adelaide's Travis Cook and Sydney's Marcus Whale, Collarbones shared their new single Everything I Want on Friday and announced a headline show at Marrickville’s Red Rattler on 23 March, treating fans to their first live performance in over two and a half years.

Equally effortless as it is momentous, Everything I Want balances signature Collarbones elements within a ballad setting, presenting a straightforward electric guitar melody to draw focus towards the sheer force of Whale’s grandeur vocal range and lyrical intensity. Amplified by reverb and delay, it is easy to momentarily forget the lyrics are coming from a singular entity rather than a choir performing in unison.

"In the first verse of "Everything I Want", I describe watching someone walking away from me, all the way until they reached the "vanishing point" - the point at which objects disappear into the horizon. This song is about the way that the whole world of things we desire will collapse into that point, that horizon, one way or another. In this way, perhaps the thing that we fall in love with is actually loving and desiring itself, something that comes not from lacking something in the world outside us but from the powerful imaginary force of our internal world. I wanted the song to sound like the epic ecstasy of being in that moment of want, to celebrate and honour its heavy joy and devastation" Marcus uncovered.

Proving once again to push the boundaries of electronic pop assumptions Everything I Want arrived as a perfect dive into the world of pop ballads, signalling there is no avenue left untouched by the unmistakable Collarbones signature charm.

Having collaborated for 11 years since meeting on a post-rock online message board, the pair are known by fans for their incredible stage show. Having released three albums of sinewy electronic pop music across their career, Whale and Cook are seasoned performers in any venue that comes their way, performing across Australia in packed club nights, seated theatres and festival stages, including a cameo at Flume’s Vivid Live headline show at Sydney Opera House and Los Angeles’ FYF Fest. Collarbones will be supported on March 23 by DIN, the live club collaboration of Rainbow Chan and Moon Holiday, alongside Kilimi.

Accompanying the release, Cook and Whale announce their first live show in over two and a half years, giving Sydney fans a visceral performance of their new music, when they take to the stage at Marrickville’s Red Rattler Theatre on Saturday 23 March.