Depot Theatre's 2017 Season Kicks off Soon!

Scott Wallace
13th Mar 2017

Last year, The Depot Theatre brought us some incredible pieces of theatre with a strong creative and independent spirit. Highlights like Cymbeline, Bare, Bijou - a Cabaret of Secrets & Seduction, My Father's Left Testicle, and Let's Talk About You brought wit, passion, innovation, and often uncomfortable truths to the small but no less magnificent theatre in the heart of Marrickville.

Depot Theatre's 2017 season will kick off at the end of March, with the new Australia play Ellie, Abbie & Ellie's Dead Aunt having its opening night on March 31st. The play is an insightful and romantic coming-of-age from actor-writer-director Monica Zanetti, telling the story of Ellie, an 18 year-old student who realises she has fallen for a girl in her class, Abbie. All she can think about is how much she wants to ask Abbie to the formal. But, it’s just not that simple, in a world where girls are still supposed to ask boys to school dances. Luckily Ellie’s deceased Aunt has turned up in the form of a fairy godmother to help her navigate not only the awkwardness of first love but also the disapproval Ellie faces from her mother. 

The rest of the year is sure to match the vitality of this opening salvo. See the full list of productions below along with the dates of their opening nights, and find more information on the Depot Theatre website

Friday 31 March - Ellie, Abbie & Ellie's Dead Aunt - new Australian play

Thurs 20 April - Sex Object - new Australian play

Friday 12 May - Educating Rita - contemporary classic 

Friday 2 June - Bitch - new Australian play

Friday 30 June - Front - new Australian play

Friday 28 July - Technicolor Life - Australian premiere

Friday 25 August - Modern Jesus - Australian premiere

Friday 29 September - The Winter's Tale - classic

Friday 20 October - The Big Meal - Australian premiere

Thurs 16 November - Violent Extremism and Other Adult Party Games - new Australian play

Friday 8 December - The Seagull - classic

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