Event Instagrammable Cinema Boutique

Rebecca Varidel
13th Jun 2019

Australia’s first instagrammable cinema at Sydney’s Event Cinemas George Street – Boutique opens tomorrow 14 June.

Event Boutique brings a new level of premium to the out-of-home viewing experience; with each theatre boasting a unique style and design aesthetic, offering a completely different experience in every single auditorium. Sydney’s first two Boutique cinemas are “The Library” – paying homage to the art of storytelling and “Paparazzi” – celebrating the glamour of the red carpet. Event Boutique will offer customers a truly intimate movie experience with small theatres that will seat 28 guests (The Library) and 46 guests (Paparazzi).

The Event Boutique food offering has been designed in collaboration with some of the best artisan and local producers, including Sonoma Bakery and Vic’s Meats, to deliver menus that continue to push the boundaries of premium in-cinema dining.

Featuring designer platters of cured meats, hard and soft cheeses, pizzetta, more extensive dishes, a decadent sweet selection and candy bar favourites, the entire Boutique experience has been curated to deliver a cinema experience unlike any other.

Following extensive customer research, Event Cinemas has tested and rolled out a range of new seat options for its customers, including new recliners and luxurious daybeds in some of its newer cinemas. The Boutique designer recliner and footrest was ranked best in market research for its appeal and comfort.

Luke Mackey, General Manager of Event Cinemas said, “Our new Boutique cinemas enhance the viewing experience featuring unrivalled laser projection technology for the clearest picture, coupled with world-class sound, designer aesthetics and bespoke menus, everything about the Boutique experience is premium, unique and world-class.”

Another feature of the Event Boutique cinemas is that they are designed to be configurable, and will be available for private bookings and corporate functions from cocktail events, creative corporate team sessions, product launches to private screenings.

Tickets can be purchased now at www.eventcinemas.com.au