HIGH HØØPS Announces New Single and Album

Jason Reyes
3rd Sep 2018

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist HIGH HØØPS has shared some news about his forthcoming debut album Seasons on Planet Earth which is set for a September 21 release via A Label Called Success. In the meantime, he has also given us a new single Steady Rolling to accompany this exciting announcement.

The New Zealand-based Jerome Art has been known for his previously loved tracks Body and People lending his smooth and soothing vocals for SWIDT and Moods and also creating music videos for the likes of other acts, namely Broods and Matthew Young.

This time around, Art provides us with a dreamlike, yet groovy tune Steady Rolling that’d be sure to have you swaying and bopping your head with your eyes closed. The track is almost like an anthem that signifies the seasonal transition from the cool Winter towards the warmer Spring and Summer.

His heavenly voice in the single plays a part in the harmonious layering of dream pop and groove elements, making it a delicious taster in lead up to his deeply personal record that he describes himself as “a journal entry of songs” that he’s made “over the last couple of seasons on planet Earth.” Art continues,

“The music is always centred around groove and melody, drawing influence from a nostalgic haze of 70s funk, 80s disco, 90s R&B and 2000s dance music romanced into a sound for the future."

Whilst playing every instrument on the record, Art is also behind all the writing, producing, engineering and mixing of it. To put it simply, Seasons on Planet Earth has the extraordinary talent of HIGH HØØPS written all over it.

You can give Steady Rolling a listen here while you wait for what else HIGH HØØPS has in store for us on September 21 when his debut record Seasons on Planet Earth drops.