Love and Information

Rebecca Varidel
12th May 2015

Caryl Churchill is arguably the world’s foremost living playwright. Since the 1950s, she has maintained an inventiveness and a currency that remain unmatched. Sydney Theatre Company, Wharf 1 Theatre has played host to her writing several times – from Serious Money and Top Girls to Far Away and Seven Jewish Children.

In Love and Information, Churchill gives us a unique snapshot of the modern era, as eight actors portray a dazzling kaleidoscope of more than 100 characters in a series of snapshots of modern life.

A child who cannot feel pain. A man who has a secret. A scientist who dissects brains for a living. Former lovers recalling an affair.

Guided by Resident Director Kip Williams, the gifted cast - Marco Chiappi, Harry Greenwood, Glenn Hazeldine, Anita Hegh, Zahra Newman, Anthony Taufa, Alison Whyte and Ursula Yovich - will use their chameleonic talents to create a kaleidoscope of vibrant individuals. Like us, they are distinct and yet connected.

Sydney Theatre Company presents
Love and Information
A Sydney Theatre Company and Malthouse Theatre co-production

9th July to 15th August 2015