What Lies Beneath The Surface Of The Land

Rebecca Varidel
23rd Oct 2018

Following a formal art school training Mike Staniford started his career in the world of design, creating his own unique agency in London at the age of 27. Now nearly forty years later, he lives in Sydney and on the NSW Central Coast and is holding his first art exhibition this November.

“I spend hours observing the natural world and interrogating coastlines, and then with endless field studies, I create quick linear sketches that expose what lies beneath the surface of the land,” said the contemporary abstract artist.

“I focus on how hills and cliffs come forward or recede, and how the contours of the land provide an illusion of distance.”

Mike Staniford will be presenting his debut solo exhibition Contours showcasing a collection of evocative landscape paintings that explore the contours of the land. Running from 8 November to 28 November at me Artspace in St Leonards, Mike’s works are an interpretation of Australian landscapes imagined through a unique approach to form, structure and the interplay of colour.

“More and more I am trying to uncover the abstract, the shapes and rhythms that provide me with a pictorial equivalent of reality,” said Mike.

Contours Solo Exhibition
Dates: 8 November – 28 November
Exhibition Launch: Thursday 8 November 6pm – 8pm
Times: 11am – 4pm Tuesday – Friday; 10am – 2am Saturday
Gallery: me Artspace, 25 Atchison Street, St Leonards
Cost: Free