NZ's Mako Road on their new EP

Olivia Watson
26th Nov 2018
New Zealand four piece Mako Road this week are releasing their new EP 'Local Safari', and to celebrate the lads are hitting the road announcing a 20 date Australia and NZ tour.
With sounds primed for a hot summer ahead, it's a sun-drenched soundtrack for long nights and hazy days, as the band invites you into a dreamy soundscape of cruisy riffs and rich vocals. 
In an exclusive for Sydney Scoop readers, the band has given us the lowdown on their new EP. Here is what the gents have to say about their new release, as they take us track by track through "Local Safari":
Local Safari
"Local Safari was originally about Wardy being denied from a Drum n Bass gig and getting chased round the block by the bouncers, but was too hard to make the whole song about it so we so broadened the scope a bit"
Open Plan Living 
"This is a song we have been playing for a long time, since before The Green Superintendent EP. It’s a jumpy one - the lyrics were just whatever came to mind at the time and haven’t been changed since. Our music vid director described them as ‘nonsensical’, we prefer the term ‘open to interpretation’."
"Lady began on an acoustic as just a verse and instrumental parts. We were jamming it one day and it kind of progressed into that funk jam at the end, which trails off into the distance and leaving you quietly bopping to silence."
Happiness and Misery
"This one takes ya by surprise, a real neck breaker at the end. Fun as to play live. CJ gives his bass a hiding."
Be the Same
"A cruisy one about changing things up. Fun one to play with in the studio with Thom, the studio engineer. The whole studio experience with Thom and Orange Studios was awesome, with our previous stuff having been self-recorded and produced in a garage."


Mako Road have also just released a brand new music video for ‘Open Plan Living’ (watch here), a fun traipse through a number of different settings and in a number of different guises. Directed by Tom Irwin, with some Flight of the Conchords-esque cuts and head bobbing, the ‘Open Plan Living’ video is another example of the fun Mako Road have had with bringing their Local Safari EP to life.
Mako Road kick off their Aus/NZ tour in December, including the following Sydney dates:
Sunday December 9th The Brass Monkey Sydney Tickets

Thursday December 13th The Marlborough Hotel Sydney,with Vintage Slims, Dande and the Lion. Free Entry.
Stream the album here and check out their website for more info.