Old Fitz Underground + Emerging Theatre

Rebecca Varidel
26th Sep 2019

Following the sudden and unexpected closure of Limelight on Oxford Street, a number of emerging companies were left without a home for their programmed shows. Thankfully, the Old Fitzroy Hotel made some space on the legendary Old Fitz stage, as part of the Redline Productions Underground Emerging program, to ensure the next Gen have a space to play. Because community is important.

Upcoming we're keen to see these new theatre productions. And of course, make sure you get there early to have a scrumptious pub bite by talented Chef Nick Hill.

First up, we're heading to see DON'T HATE THE PLAYER a witty and fresh tale of youth both trapped and liberated by technology. Darcy and her reluctant sister enter the world of a virtual reality video game. Inside, they are swept up in a drug ring that their suburban existence has not equipped them for. On top of this, their IT histories are available to all players and there's no way of knowing if those you meet are real or a bunch of pixels.

Both hilarious and strange, this world premiere evokes a new reality for both characters and audience. How many games do we play already?

Atharv Kolhatkar
Madeleine Osborne
Cassius Russell
Rhiannon Watson
Set and Lighting design - Amelia Skelton
Writer and director - Laura McDonald

For other Underground Emerging plays see >> www.redlineproductions.com.au/underground-emerging