The Battle of Kate Leigh + Tilly Devine

Rebecca Varidel
23rd Mar 2021

Silly Tart Kitchen located in the infamous Kellett Street of Kings Cross, presents an immersive theatre experience, launching this Saturday 27th March -Battle of the Tarts.

Battle of the Tarts is the underbelly tale of two deadly enemies from 100 years ago, criminal matriachs Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine, at a time when Kings Cross was financed by the spoils of illegal drugs and alcohol, prostitution, gambling and extortion. Whereby some of the most terrifying criminals in Australia's history waged war with razor and gun. As gang fought gang, the streets echoed with the sound of violence and ran with blood. With references to “the Battle of Kellett Street” the story, written by performing cast member, Vashti Hughes takes historical references from award winning author, Larry Writer’s book - Razor.

“It’s the time between the great wars, the Great Depression had dug in its heels and in Sydney unemployment is high. Many resorted to crime to survive. Sex work, selling cocaine, sly grog, thefts - all imaginable illicit activity is rife. Kate and Tilly fight for supremacy of it all!"

Guests will also meet Sydney’s most expensive sex worker, Nellie Cameron and be mesmerised by Snowy Mackenzie who might just steal your beer if you’re not quick enough.

Making their debut at Silly Tart Kitchen is the uber talented cast featuring some of Sydney’s finest theatre and cabaret artists; Vashti Hughes (Kate Leigh), Liesel Badorrek (Tilly Divine), Dale Tureman (Snowy Mackenzie) and Claire Anastopoulos (Nellie Cameron).

"This will be a hilarious and ribald night where we meet these two powerful, sometimes frightening individuals as they fight it out to be top dog. Kellett Street, Kings Cross has razor gang battles history, join us as we recreate this fascinating world in an experience served up with laughs, shocks and an evening of debauchery.” Vashti Hughes.

The immersive cabaret performance will see the rotating cast of characters entertain a small audience of 10 gang members per group within Silly Tart Kitchen which has been separated into four unique spaces for the action to unfold. Each room will feature intimate, up-close performances throughout the evening.

What would be a visit to the Silly Tart Kitchen without their renowned salt & vinegar potato scallops! You’ll receive them and lightly salted popcorn on arrival, to be washed down with a BRIX Distillers tinnie. Later in the evening guests will stuff their faces on a selection of cheeses, cured meats, house pickles, hummus and toasted flatbreads spread across shared style grazing boards.

Order beverages all night from the tailored drinks list featuring BRIX Distillers cocktails including Potts Point Punch a mixture of spiced rum, coffee liqueur and espresso or the Darlinghurst
white rum, maraschino liqueur, lavender syrup, lemon. There is Two Birds Lager on tap and a selection of other tipples on offer as well.

The show will become a regular occurrence on the last Saturday of each month (Saturday 27th March, April 24th, May 29th). For $85 per person your ticket provides entry with a complementary BRIX Distillers tinnie on arrival, snacks, substantials and of course the Battle of the Tarts performance.