The Reef: An Exhibition by Josh Smith

Rebecca Varidel
7th Feb 2018

Every month, there will be a new gallery of work exhibited, beautifully printed and hung on the walls of the Hyatt Regency Sydney's heritage listed cafe. Coming up is Josh Smith, The Reef:

Growing up on a farm in the North Western NSW town of Narrabri, Joshua has travelled extensively both in Australia and overseas over a twenty year period and has been fortunate enough to spend a majority of his photography career capturing images of rural and regional Australia, including its people, industries and awe inspiring landscape both from the ground and mostly above it with his good mate and pilot, Joe. He is passionate about rural and regional Australia (where he currently resides) and documenting the process of sustainably produced food and fiber by our primary producers.

The Reef exhibition is an abstract aerial journey along northern Australia's exquisite Great Barrier Reef showcasing the extreme beauty of some of the 3000 coral reef systems which make up this quintessential, iconic part of Australia and will hopefully serve to remind us all that we need to protect this precious environment.

Josh’s clients include many major global organisations within agribusiness, finance, government and the tourism sectors. He has also had numerous photos published in the major international newspapers and magazines, his shots front major advertising campaigns and his framed art hangs in many homes and corporate boardrooms across the globe.

Hosted by Canon Austraia

Date: February 12th - 27th 2018

Address: The Gallery, Hyatt Regency Hotel, 161 Sussex Street, Sydney

Open: 6.30am - 4pm Monday to Friday