Hey Geronimo's Brave New World

Josh Pike
18th May 2017

Following the release of their new single "Mutant," Brisbane indie rockers Hey Geronimo have announced their Brave New World tour. If you haven't heard of Hey Geronimo, there's never been a better time to jump on-board, because their sophomore album (the follow-up to last year's Crashing Into the Sun) is promising to be a new frontier for them. We caught up with frontman Pete Kilroy for a quick chat about this next stage in their career.

How did you all come together to create Hey Geronimo? 

We actually got together originally to play a Beatles cover night. It was heaps of fun, so we thought we’d make the band a real thing. A lot has changed since then though. 

Do you all have similar tastes in music, are there any acts you all have an affinity for? 

Everybody’s taste is in the same ball park, and there are lots of cross-over artists, but everybody has a bit of a different vibe. Obvious ones like Beatles, Radiohead, Beck, etc are all common loves, but then we split off from there. For instance, I’ll spend my afternoon listening to Paul Simon, while Bingers will be blasting Animal Collective. I think that makes for more interesting songwriting. If we were all on the exact same wavelength, it might be a bit too homogeneous.  

What current Australian bands are you excited about? 

Hanging out for the new Deep Sea Arcade album. Due later this year I think? Also a fan of Wild Honey. Both great Sydney bands!

What is it like creating an album in the time of Spotify, iTunes & other music sharing sites? 

On one hand it’s great – because your music is available at the world’s fingertips instantly! On the other hand, nobody has to buy your music anymore… Bugger.

What can punters expect on the "Brave New World" Tour? 

We’re going something completely new with this one. It’s about as far from traditional rock n roll as we’ve gone, so it’s exciting. It actually feels like a new beginning for the band. The whole thing is a little darker than what we’ve done before. Lights, visuals, costumes, and stories about our imminent and slightly frightening future – the show has it all.

What's in the pipeline for Hey Geronimo? 

We’re finishing up our second album. It’s a concept record, so making it is a slightly different process to what we’ve been through before. Can’t give away too much, but we’re almost done. Watch this space!

Sydney fans can catch Hey Geronimo at Hudson Ballroom on Friday July 7.