Cameron Avery at Newtown Social Club

Kate Young
20th Jan 2017

For the past few years, Cameron Avery has be intersecting between hemispheresm leaving a dynamic and diverse musical trail behind him. I’ve heard and seen many of Avery’s other projects, from the psychedelic pop sounds of Tame Impala and Pond, to the garage band experimental sounds of The Growl.  I must say his latest offering could not be further from it. Avery is forever changing up his style and approaches to music, and this new Cameron Avery is a sexy, smooth and sophisticated.

Looking very sharp in his button down and two-piece suit, Avery made himself known when he took to the stage alone, seating himself at the keyboard. Opening up with the single “A Time and a Place," Avery used his silky tenor to lure in the crowd. Reminiscent of a jazz bar nightclub singer, the only thing missing was a whisky glass and a burning cigar.  It was stripped back, raw and honest. Here was a man who just seemed so wounded by love and your heart broke just that tiny bit for him.

Joined on stage by James Island (keyboards), Marc Earley (Bass) and Samuel Kuzich (drums), the boys tempted the expectant audience with a little taste of Avery’s soon-to-be-released solo album Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams - smooth crooner ballads such as Big Town Girl” “Do You Know Me By Heart” and even the hip-swaying mamba inspired “Dance with Me”.  Halfway through, Avery even threw in a polished version of The Growl’s “Douse the Lamps” which was a huge hit with the many fans in the audience.

The later half of the gig felt like I had entered the house of the Holy. Launching into a feverish rendition of Blind Willie Nelson’s 1930’s gospel hit “John the Revelator,” Avery showed off his bluesy harmonica skills and his raspy gospel vocals. For me the last two songs were the highlight of the night. “Watch Me Take It Away” brought the house down as sweaty bodies furiously danced under the red light. Erratic, breathy harmonica gave way to brazen guitar riffs and baritone vocals.  Avery lead us through a heated sermon, he was either going to save us from our sins with our hands held high to the sky or he was going to lead us straight into the belly of temptation, with the crowd and myself more than eager to follow. 

The last song for the night was his single “C'est Toi," after a hilarious introduction that consisted of the audience's failed attempts to pronounce the title. Despite that, everyone knew the words and song along. Towards the end Avery even gave way to let the crowd take over the vocals allowing him to work his magic in the guitar.

Avery’s performance was brilliant as ever; he truly is an artist that is even more amazing live. With his album release just around the corner I know that everyone in attendance had their appetites wet and hungry for more.

Cameron Avery's Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams is out on Friday March 10th.