Rebecca Varidel
18th Oct 2019

Totally the most unique musical theatre to hit the stage, with book, music and lyrics by Yve Blake. And starring Yve Blake - in the most edgy quirky individual performance. And did I say talented? Singer, dancer and comedian rolled up into one.

Literally the funniest show. Everyone in the audience laughed and laughed. Well maybe that's not true. I didn't check with everyone. But it sure seemed like everyone did. And at curtain call they erupted in a spontaneous fireworks of standing ovation.

Literally awesome. Literally never seen anything like it. 

Fangirls is about friendships, chatrooms, and a teenage crush on the singer from the biggest boy band in the world.

As art imitates life, Harry (who just goes by the name of Harry) is performed by 2018 The Voice finalist Aydan Calafiore (who for the uninitiated - just goes by the name of Aydan). We don't see much of him before interval except in the video clips on the big screen. Then we return to a concert, and wave our phone lights in the air. Those of us that still have battery. And gosh, does he pump out a stellar performance, not just in song but acting in his role.

But no spoilers here. Except to say, Fangirls is absolutely incredibly original across story, music and choreography. It's vibrant, energetic, hilarious and incredibly modern. Even a laptop bangs us over the head.

So the story goes... what would you tell your 14 year old self if you met her now?

"Is it hot to be smart? To express your ambition? To express your ideas? Or is that only true if you are a boy?"

Fangirls is both funny and inspiring entertainment, and is performing in its world premiere season at Belvoir St Theatre until 10 November.

Photograph Chika Ikogwe, Sharon Millerchip, Yve Blake, James Majoos, Ayesha Madon and Kimberley Hodgson in FANGIRLS by Brett Boardman.