Hey Geronimo @ Hudson Ballroom

Josh Pike
12th Jul 2017

Friday night couldn’t come quick enough, and after a quick pitstop at home to leave my work day worries behind me, it was back out into the big city to the Hudson Ballroom to catch Brisbane's Hey Geronimo performing as part of their Brave New World tour.

I hadn’t been to the Hudson Ballroom since it was Good God Small Club, and was glad to see Belly Bao was still the restaurant in residence. With a beer in one hand and a bottle of Sriracha in the other I devoured those beautiful morsels just in time for doors to open.

Not much has changed inside the venue, it still has the same layout and notoriously dark interior. I knew I was in for a challenge photographing tonight.

The Dardi Shades were first up. They were a good act to start with as they brought an energetic party rock vibe to the stage. Stu Patterson did a great job on vocals, belting out a mix of fast paced pop rock and slow ballads. Their performance tonight showed potential for bigger and better things to come, and the crowd were definitely loving it.

Next up were Sydney act Yon Yonson who had a more laid-back electro beat. After the party rock vibe of The Dardi Shades, these guys were much more subdued with their crowd interactions, I wondered if they were thinking they were at home in rehearsal. I was unsure how I felt about this, but then they whipped out their track "Am I a Hero Now?" to finish their set on a real high note.

Headliners Hey Geronimo came on and from the first drum stroke the intensity was sky high. Surrounded by the warm fuzzy glow of old CRT televisions stacked up on stage, they put on an exciting performance. Not having seen them live before I instantly became a fan. They belted out great performances of "Lazer Gun Show", "Mutant", and "Carbon Affair" - showing they are building up a strong body of work, and most definitely know how to engage a crowd. I highly recommend Hey Geronimo, especially if you’re a fan of acts like Scissor Sisters, Cold War Kids, or even a bit of Interpol.

I had a bit of a chuckle to myself on the Uber ride home - I had a feeling I’d started the weekend right.

Hey Geronimo are touring the east coast of Australia for their Brave New World tour, playing Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane throughout June and July 2017.

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