Kira Puru: Why Don't We Get Along

Rebecca Varidel
29th Sep 2019

Ping. Click. Sing. Skip. Into our hearts.

Australian singer songer writer Kira Puru has been purring along since she kicked off her musical career. And her latest release, single Why Don't We Get Along takes an already vigorous individual voice and hoists her even higher. Gigging in alone this time, it's her roundest pump since the enormous Daughter Of The Light, a collaboration with Urthboy in 2016, then the grab you Three Dots with Yeo the following year. Her solo work declares interesting modern musicality and the voice of the generation.

Simplicity gently pulls Why Don't We Get Along into rounder holistic form, with quirky bites that peek a boo playfully. I've got a thing about a subtle lisp in a song. It introduces vulnerability. And this, alongside reassuring rhythm pulls back the sassy attitude and gospel revelation into something softer and embracing.

Why Don't We Get Along is a pop song that flows the genre into the new decade. Kira Puru is the woman to watch. [cute vid.] But use your ears as well.