Mimi Dang
8th Jul 2019

Stuber is a 2019 American action comedy directed by Michael Dowse and starring Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick 2017) and Dave Bautista (think Drax the Destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy). Already, this absurd duo has got us viewers ready for an adventure that could be absolute gold or go very, very badly.

The title Stuber may raise a few eyebrows. Soon it all makes sense as we are quickly thrust into the life of Stu, the Uber driver who bends right over for his customers from chocolates 'from Canada' in the glove box to ultimately being an unlikely (and unwilling) accomplice to Vic, a callous detective hell-bent on the heels of a bloodthirsty terrorist.

The audience laughs and cringes for Stu who finds himself doing the bad-ass stuff of movies with blasting propane tanks and high speed chases. All the while he tries to keep calm, avoid actually using a gun, work with Vic and most important of all, maintain his 5 star customer service rating.

Despite the mixed and average reviews, everyone laughed aloud in their seats more than once. Like many other reviews, I have to say it was better than expected and it definitely elicited more than one LOL out of me.

Stuber does the job if you're after something light and funny to enjoy with young-at-heart friends (it is R-rated for violence and language). Like most comedies, there is also a low chance of getting emotional if you are worried about tearing up in front of your mates.

(Next time you get a really great Uber driver, be sure to give them the 5 stars.)