The Heiresses

Rebecca Varidel
9th May 2019

Secrets hidden behind closed doors. And at different times we get a peek. The door is partially opened, and we see into the shadows. At times we step right into the light and see the whole picture.

The story of a couple, love, and changes. That happens to be a Paraguayan film. That happens to be about a lesbian relationship of 30 years.

The Heiresses (Les Herederas) is exquisite film making that is outwardly and inwardly about these things.

Familiarity. Dust. Desires. Subtitles.

Fading roses on wallpaper. Beyond the story of the relationship, this immense portrayal on film provides concepts of the layers of society, boundaries of privilege, attachments, judgements, concepts of class, that yes give insight but also transcend nationality. As we see one rose bloom, and one rose fade away.

Finally the completion of the drama circle in this extraordinary feature film directional debut arrives when the scrappy old Mercedes that has been both a symbol of prison and freedom also changes hands.

2018 Winner of the Berlinale Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize for opening new perspectives and the Silver Bear for Best Actress for Ana Brun, and 2018 Sydney Film Festival Film Sydney Film Prize, The Heiresses is screening at Palace Cinemas from 23 May.