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  • Loveless

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    Andrey Zvyagintsev's award winning film Lovelesss is a harrowing portrayal of familial decay and, indeed, of lovelessness. It's excellent, but it might break you. Winner of the Jury Prize at Cannes 2017 and nomin…
  • Isle Of Dogs

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    Wes Anderson and a selection of his merry troupe return for his 9th feature, and 2nd stop-motion animation, in the energetic Isle of Dogs. It has been four years since Anderson’s last acclaimed feature, The Grand Budapest H…
  • Walking Out

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    The rugged mountain scenery of Montana is as much a character in this film as the three generations of men the story revolves around.
  • The Square

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    Part morality play, part satire, The Square walks a curious line between taking the mickey out of the high art world, and ennobling its pursuits. The story follows Stockholm contemporary art gallery curator Christian (Claes Bang) as…
  • Lady Bird

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    Lady Bird reveals a strikingly original authorial voice and an approach to storytelling that is bold, fresh, warm, and absorbing.
  • I, Tonya

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    The awkwardly titled I, Tonya tells the story of the maligned figure, but rather than playing devil's advocate reveals a balanced and morally complex tale of woe behind the apparently glamorous fairytale of professional figure skating.
  • Molly's Game

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    Does this keyboard punching, dialogue devoting, storytelling extraordinaire need a leash in the director's chair? Yeah, a little...