Which Way Home

Olivia Watson
30th Jul 2018

Ilbijerri Theatre company presents Katie Beckett's play Which Way Home, a beautiful tribute to Beckett's father, as well as to family and connection in general.

ILBIJERRI is Australia's leading and longest running Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Theatre Company. They present works to thousands of people around the country including in regional and remote areas, aiming to help facilitate the sharing of stories by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about what it means to be Indigenous in today's Australia.

Tash is a modern Aboriginal Australian who takes her Dad on a road trip home to country, now that he is an "old fella".

Journeying far from their city life, the father daughter duo share memories, thoughts and stories, full of heart and affection, as they travel toward Tash's father's home land, with its promises of space, familiarity and completeness.

Side by side in the car, with plentiful humorous quips interspersed with poignant observations and family ties, we watch as Tash and the single father who raised her make their long road journey to Lightning Ridge.

The chemistry is wonderful between the two performers Katie Beckett and Kamahi Djordon King, who give a perfectly warm yet playful depiction of an unbreakable family tie. Djordan King delivers a barrage of Dad jokes with impeccable timing and an cheeky glee in his eyes

It's a comedy with so much heart.

The powerful bond between Beckett and her father, who inspired the story, is unmissable in this celebration of family and love.

Beckett explains, "Dad has had a number of near death experiences and nothing can hold my old man down". She developed the play as a gift and tribute to him, wanting "to give him something so he knows how special he is and what he means to me. I have a unique closeness to my Dad ... This is a story of unconditional love".

Katie Beckett has appeared in screen productions including Redfern Now and Black Comedy. As a writer, Which Way  Home is Beckett's first full length play, with her other current projects including a TV series and a newly commissioned play for Belvoir. We will be watching this space.

Which Way Home was a hit of the 2017 Sydney Festival, and is currently playing at the Seymour Centre until August 4 as part of a national tour in 2018.

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