Bitter Phew

Bitter Phew, has sectioned off itself a nieche of Craft Beer lovers, with a place to try a new beer each time you go. Twelve taps line the wall, each hooked up to a single keg of boutique beer behind the bar. When each drum runs dry, a new craft beer is tapped and written on the whiteboard (make shift menu). 

The bar is intimate with bar seating as well as couches, an outdoor 'terrace' area and a view directly above Oxford Street. They don't serve up average beers, Bitter Phew have carefully selected unique IPA’s (Indian Pale Ales) Stouts and Ales to bring you the best international and Australian national craft beers. The taps change so frequently, that on a big night, a keg might only last one day. The only way to stay in the know is to check their facebook page and head in regularly. 

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Level 1, 137 Oxford Street

Mon 5pm – midnight
Tue – Fri 3pm – midnight
Sat midday – midnight