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A take on a modern pizzeria on the ground level of The Star Casino, Pizzaperta translates roughly as 'open for pizza' from Chef Stefano Manfredi.

Stefano Manfredi says, “We have played with these special stone-milled flours with particular focus on their fermentation and hydration as well as non-traditional toppings to raise the level of pizza in Australia.”

Pizzaperta’s dough is made from unrefined stoneground Molino Quaglia ‘Petra’ flours imported from Italy. The dough is matured and then leavened naturally for a minimum of 24 hours using a classic biga method, resulting in a more easily digested dough. Pizzaperta is also experimenting with sprouted grains, such as germinated chickpeas and buckwheat, adding them to the dough to enhance the flavour and texture of the pizza base.

“Our work is to achieve one goal - to make pizza with the flavour of the grain, a texture that’s soft and airy, easily digested and a balance of flavours from the quality of our ingredients,” said Manfredi.

The menu will change seasonally and topping ingredients will be sourced locally from the best fresh produce suppliers. Each pizza is designed with simple flavours to complement the handcrafted pizza base, cooked to perfection in the Stefano Ferrara M130 wood-burning oven direct from Naples. All menu items, including sides, salads and desserts will be served in custom-made, biodegradable Pizzaperta takeaway boxes and bags offering the casual and communal values of Italian street food.

Traditional and Classic Italian flavours of Marinara and Margherita will no doubt be clear favourites, as will be the Buffalo Mozzarella & Prosciutto di Parma and Calzone Napoli. Seasonal and new wave pizza flavours include Prawn, Zucchini & Mint, Buffalo Ricotta & Fennel Sausage and Lamb Belly with Mediterranean herbs. The taller and crunchier Roman ‘Teglia’ style pizza is also available, favoured because of its focaccia-like appearance. Salads, local and imported salumi and desserts will also feature on the menu.

Pizzaperta’s pizzaiolo and Head Chef Gianluca Donzelli is at the oven. Naples-born, he will share his hometown traditions and expertise acquired at two-Michelin-star Restaurant Don Alfonso near Sorrento. Donzelli is the official ambassador for Neapolitan Pizza in Australia and recently placed fourth at the International Pizza Competition in Naples.

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Ground Floor, 80 Pirrama Road
+61 2 9777 9000

Tue – Sat 11.30am – 10pm

Sun 11.30am – 5pm