$22 - $32 + bf

Prolific Sydney playwright Wayne Tunks’ latest play is a stunningly contemporary tale with relatable characters and themes of alcohol, gambling and porn addiction, family trauma, racism, gender politics and more. And, through it all, heart-warming humour!

The Post family are the epitome of dysfunctional. Matriarch Julie is a casual racist with a drinking and pokie habit. Son Jimmy is still reeling from trauma as a teen and 25 years later is still a seething mess of anger and sadness. Sister Robyn works in fashion retail, but her manager, Fiona, is anything but supportive. Robyn has 17-year-old twins, Emma is in love with douche Matt, while Clint may love his boyfriend Reid but suspects he may have been born the wrong gender. Bitch is both gritty drama and black comedy.

 Tunks says his new Australian work focuses on real issues people are facing today: “These are characters that people will recognise - maybe as members of the family we see on special occasions and just shake our heads…

“I have been working on this particular play for years, adding new bit all the time, aiming to create an important story, but more than that, a realistic story.”