Blind Tasting

@ Old 505 Theatre

$32.65 / $22.45

Part performance, part wine tasting

Performed by Sylvia Keays
Written and directed by Paul Gilchrist

In wine there is Truth,
and laughter.

She talks wine, she sells wine.
But, now, Sophie has every reason to drink it!

Join her hilarious razor-sharp discovery of the unexpected truth hidden in each glass.
Sylvia Keays portrays Sophie - witty, whimsical and utterly heart-broken.

In Blind Tasting, she shares her sparkling coming of age story, as she navigates love, loss and
the realisation that none of us really knows what's going to happen next.

Breathe in the atmosphere of this joyous production, and join Sophie in a glass (or two), as
she tastes life and discovers the most unexpected pleasures.

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5 Eliza Street

Open during show seasons only:

Tue – Sat from 8pm