Cassie Workman: The Love Stories

@ Giant Dwarf

Editor's Pick

Cassie Workman began transitioning earlier this year. And in an effort to raise money for medical costs Cassie will return to the Giant Dwarf stage with two of her most beloved, award winning shows ‘Ave Loretta’ and ‘We Have Fun Don’t We’. The acclaimed ‘Love Stories’ is a night of comedy and heartfelt storytelling and will be performed at Giant Dwarf on Wednesday 11 October.

Cassie came out publicly in front of hundred’s of people earlier this year, “I haven’t heard a Trans person’s story yet that isn’t riddled with traumatic events, and mine is no different. Over the years I suffered crippling depression and anxiety, became unable to function in relationships, developed alcoholism, and attempted suicide a few times. But the time for feeling sorry for myself is officially over.” 

Head along to see the show, or contribute to Cassie's fundraiser here.

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199 Cleveland Street