Flight Paths

@ Riverside Parramatta


National Theatre of Parramatta will present the world premiere of Flight Paths by award-winning Sydney-based playwright Julian Larnach.

Set over a week in the world’s most prestigious university and the world’s largest slum, Flight Paths is a passionate coming-of-age story exploring privilege, families, mobility, Australia’s place in the world and the consequences of charity.

Luisa doesn't know who she is. Tired of being a token of her skin colour, she leaves Australia for university in England hoping for a life unfettered by a complicated past not of her making. Emily knows she is changing the world. Working for an NGO in Sydney she has figured it out but when she volunteers for one of their programs on the ground in Kenya, she uncovers the unexpected. At the same time their fates are becoming irreversibly entwined with a man who has fallen from the sky.

Directed by Anthea Williams (HIR, Kill the Messenger and Mother’s Ruin: A Cabaret about Gin), Flight Paths will be brought to the stage for the first time with a stellar cast including Ebony Vagulans, Airlie Dodds, Monica Kumar, Richie Morris and Brandon McClelland.

Julian Larnach said, “When I began writing Flight Paths I set about putting worlds on stage that I hadn’t been seeing, populating them with young characters that I hadn’t been hearing in order to prompt discussions about the world that we haven’t been having. I am excited to see this new work about Australia’s place in the global community come alive with one of the country’s newest and boldest theatre companies.”

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