FREE Machi Adventure: Step Into My Home

@ Central Park

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We begin the journey by signing up online.

After booking your spot you can either solve riddles or hunt for clues* in order to find the meeting point where a set of mysterious keys await. From there we proceed to an unnamed house to discover a unique experience filled with theatre, dance, and fun.

Where is this house? could be your first question. And Whose house is it? could be the second. Well, all we can say is, we’ll see you on the day and together we’ll find out!

Step Into My Home is an immersive theatre and dance show which will take audience on an adventure to a secret location in Chippendale (Sydney). Produced specifically for Australia by Japan’s Steep Slope Studio, Step Into My Home will feature the latest in Japan’s contemporary dance and small theatre movement.

Four Japanese performers, including Wataru Kitao (The Unknown Dancer in the Neighbourhood) and Teita Iwabuchi (Space & Ennui showcase), will take over an empty house and through the power of performance, transform everyday spaces into a theatrical experience.

It's free! Book your spot to avoid disappointment.

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28 Broadway