$22 - $32 + bf

Start a band, get a space, get a gig, get a crowd. Get a deal, write an album, get signed, get famous. Get played, get heard, get seen, get noticed. Get rich, get paid, get fucked, get screwed out of royalties. Get wasted, get fired, get petty, get knocked out on television.

Get everything you ever wanted.

JackRabbit Theatre is known for creating new, loud, fast and entertaining theatre. They keep it fast, and they keep it loose. JackRabbit has produced three new Australian works in as many years, two of these works; Dirty People and Lucidity successfully toured to the Perth and Adelaide Fringe Festivals. JackRabbit’s latest show Sex Object has also recently completed a season at Depot Theatre.

FRONT is a new play from writer/director Michael Abercromby about the blurred definition of success in today's Music industry. FRONT follows the Vocalist of a local band Rough Cut Punt during their rapid rise to fame, and the consequences this has on the band's members and manager once the pressure of the big time is introduced. With hilarious songs and boisterous characters, FRONT follows the often unseen drama in rehearsal rooms, green rooms, studios and labels, in an industry that promises intoxicating opportunities for those willing to pay the cost.