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$39.20 / $24.19

One last mystical aural explosion before the infamous club night relocates back to Berlin. The GEIST RAVE will unravel within a dark underground; smoke filled, and pulsating inner west industrial warehouse. Not to be missed. Reach your ethereal being all night long with performances by:

ϟ Lucy Cliché (Live)
ϟ Miles Brown (Live)
ϟ Zanias (Berlin)
ϟ Enderie (Live)
ϟ Clarissa (NY/Berlin)
ϟ Loveless (Syd)
ϟ Dirge (Syd)
ϟ Velvet Cave DJs

Secret Sydney location only released to ticket holders.
No Lockout. Gender neutral. No Homophobia.
9pm until 5am. Saturday the 10th of March.
Proudly sponsored by Young Henry’s & Sailor Jerry’s.

Lucy Cliché is an ever evolving project exploring intersections between techno, industrial and electro. Using an all hardware set-up her music delivers a hard bitten exploration of how physicality and the ethereal can interact in music – heavy bass rhythms lock into pounding drums, washed over with synth chords and acid bleeps.

Miles Brown is an Australian thereminist, composer and experimental artist. Working with the ethereal interface of this gesturally-controlled instrument, he conjures unique emotional landscapes that query the relationships between space, sound, electronics and the body. Through composition, performance and cross-disciplinary collaboration, he develops new contexts for theremin that both expand upon and subvert its traditional uses.

Zanias was born in Australia, raised in South-East Asia and now resides in Berlin. She was once known as the voice of the bands Linea Aspera and Keluar. Tying together industrial rhythms and unearthly vocals, she explores an intrinsically human journey through loss and upheaval. In addition to performance and production, Zanias is a member of Berlin's Fleisch collective, an amalgam of artists with primary a taste for electronic body music, new beat, industrial, acid, and the darker, wavier fringes of techno.

Enderie is a solo stop-start sample-cunk. A love of labour in egregious climes; working-class-rock samples are loaned to Airtasker's club style guide. Enderie has done it for Korner (Taipei), National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Melbourne's Liquid Architecture, Next Wave, London's Café Oto, Lisbon's Galeria Zed De Bois, Berlin's NK Projekt, Warzaw's Mozg, Jogja National Museum, Sydney Opera House, and others.

A Chicago born technomonger with roots in NYC’s club scene and a recent ex-pat living in Berlin. Sets hover around dark sounds curated for dark rooms blending tasteful EBM and industrial with acid tinged techno.

Since taking to the decks, Loveless’ unique sound and refined technical skills have earned her both local and international recognition. She has played at highly respected underground nights such as Charades and Trench as well contributed guest mixes to THUMP and Upperberry, and supported artists such as Paula Temple, Silent Servant, Rebekah, Reeko, and The Horrorist. Expect to hear a diet of EBM, Techno, industrial and new wave bangers.

Better known as the other half of Sydney based duo MEZKO, DIRGE filters you through a journey of her electro and dark techno influences. Inspired by distorted riffs and heavy acid, the mix takes you into the depths of palpitating bliss.