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HELLO WORLD: CODE AND DESIGN examines the role of code in contemporary design, considering the ways in which designers are integrating computation into their practice. The exhibition gathers objects and technologies from across the design spectrum—from fashion and textiles, to the moving image, graphics and the handmade—in order to reveal the social, economic and critical impact of code and design.

The exhibition shows twenty-two designers printing, sewing, assembling and hacking in order to free code from the computer’s dark interior. In the process of prising open the lid on modern technology, these designers are experimenting with new ways of being digital. Low cost electronic components, and the physical computing and maker cultures they’ve spawned, now see code at work in everything from simple household items and toys to weapons and wearables. Additive manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing mean once invisible and immaterial processes are emerging into the tangible world of objects, while industrial processes move from the factory to the home. From Defense Distributed's 3D printed gun, The Liberator, to Golan Levin’s Free Universal Constructor Kit (F.U.C.Kit), and Iris van Herpen’s 3D printed clothing and accessories, the material world is becoming increasingly fertile. Code is reshaping our social, political and economic lives in profound and often unanticipated ways.

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