I Hate You My Mother

@ The Old Fitzroy Hotel

$42 + bf

Red Line Productions kicks off its 2017 season at the Old Fitz Theatre with I Hate You My Mother, a new Australian work written by acclaimed actor Jeanette Cronin and co- presented by Real Harpy and WhiteBox Theatre.

I Hate You My Mother is a stylised historical drama exploring gender relations, specifically in the context of the exploitation of women and children throughout the ages. Viewed through the shifting lens of time, five scenarios unpack the cultural and religious prejudices that have both birthed and perpetuated the oppression of the weak through mental and physical cruelty.

When a sixteenth century Breton Bishop lays his hands on his illegitimate daughter he unleashes a tide of revenge and retribution that can never be sated, a relentless domino effect, which rushes forward through history, infecting all who come after, tainting every heart and cutting innocence off at its knees.

Two actors – Jeanette Cronin (Queen Bette, The Shadowbox, The House on the Lake) and introducing 2016 NIDA graduate Simen Glømmen Bostad – gallop through four centuries, ten characters and a whole lot of dirty bath water. In a world where Mummy knows best and Daddy should know better, five couples fight with destiny and stoke the flames of lust, deprivation and all that is taboo. Revenge is sweet, but never simple.

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