L’ Aperitivo Italiano Sunset Sessions

@ ReccoLab

per glass and per plate
Afternoon drinks. Aperitovo. Clink Aperol, Negroni or "chin chin" the 70s bevvie of choice Cinzano as it returns to cool (down Cinzano Bianco or Rosso - that's white or red if you need a translator - and both are recommended) and there you have the perfect ready made Sunday afternoon session. Add snacks that scream pure Italian authenticity such as la minute sliced Di San Daniele Black Label Prosciutto, stuzzichini, as well as ReccoLab’s famous Focaccia Ligure that is offered in a variety of mouth watering toppings, and all is well. Oh and we must remember to add an abundance of assorted cheese and charcuterie choices are available.
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120 Terry Street