@ Soulfulness Centre

$130 in person / $100 via webcast

UNDERSTAND YOUR SHADOW so that you can more fully own and love all parts of you!

Once you understand and embrace the healing power of owning both shadow AND light, in yourself and others, the practice of loving forgiveness can become deeper and even more profound.

We all have parts of ourselves and things about life that we love and embrace, however we also have part of ourselves and experiences in our life (including the people we interact with) that we do not like, that we resist and struggle with. We have ideas about how the world should be, how we should be and how others should be in our ideal world.

Maybe you feel hurt, outraged, disappointed, sad or you just don’t like something about your world or maybe someone in it is behaving in a way you do not like. You just wish it would be different, that they would be different, and this is where we find resistance which leads to suffering.

This workshop has been designed to support your spiritual soul quest and free you from your own suffering as you learn why you continue to create discomfort and what you can do to create even more love.

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Tue – Fri midday – 10pm

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