Mary's House Fundraiser - Photography Exhibition

@ ArtSHINE Gallery


Eva Ericksen decided that she needed to do something in light of events involving the government and women’s issues. She is using a restored Canon Demi S half frame from 1964 to capture women in natural settings and elements. Her focus was to be as authentic as possible with the film and camera so that each portrait would have a raw and personal feel.

“These portraits illustrate the unique individual strength we carry and how together we can create unity,” says Eva. “There is a way to create a safe space for women to regain their strength.”

Eva Ericksen and ArtSHINE will donate all proceeds from the event to Mary’s House. The not-for-profit organisation was established to support women and children who need help due to domestic violence. Join them at the event as they endeavor to create positive change for women. You can donate in 2 ways: visit the Humanity Portraits website to support the making of the exhibition or attend the exhibition for Mary’s House.

Eva’s goal is to promote solidarity among women and our communities. She will be launching the project in Sydney to highlight local women’s issues with an intent to turn heartache into hope.

Wine & Beer provided for 2 day event

Friday Dec. 1st 6pm-9pm - Opening reception
Saturday Dec. 2nd 12:30pm-5pm - Afternoon extension (3pm raffle)

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