'Mephisto' - Photographic Exhibition by Gary Sheppard

@ Black Eye Gallery


Mephisto - Lucifer’s fixer, scatterer and disperser of lies.

In this new exhibition at Darlinghurst's Black Eye Gallery, Gary Sheppard blurs the line between painting and photography, capturing striking moments of multicoloured liquid forms in unruly flux. There is a touch of the introspective ambiguity of Rorschach's ink blots to these evocative and abstract pieces. Just as every photo is unique, each viewer’s interpretation of that scene will be distinctly their own.

Exploring the alluring intricacies of liquid, this series offers a glimpse in to the places and creatures from Mephisto’s world. A universe of clouds and swirls is created through a process of pouring and mixing inks, dyes and varnishes in water. The images are mirrored to yield intriguing, symmetrical results depending on how each scene is inverted and overlapped. Something about human psychology compels us to identify patterns and the symmetry engendered by flipping a photo is irresistible to our pattern- seeking minds. Outlines and contours begin to resemble flames, creatures and faces peering out from billowing clouds confronting and seducing the viewer. 

Gary Sheppard is a photographer based in Sydney, Australia and working mainly throughout Australasia. With over 30 years photographic experience, the majority of Gary’s work is involved with advertising campaigns for national and international distribution. Gary has won awards at Cannes, One Show, D&AD, Communications Arts, London International, Folio and AWARD shows and is an AIPP Master of Photography.

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