Mum, Me and the I.E.D.

$32 / $22

World premiere of a new Australian play.

The play arose from a short story by Roger Vickery which was inspired by the experiences of a family whose son had served in Afghanistan. Although the characters, situations and relationships in the play are fictional, the military background is based on solid research.   
Rob is a former army medic suffering from his time in Afghanistan. His anti-war mother wants to save him. So do his counsellor and older brother. But the officer charged with Rob’s recovery is pulling out their stitches.
Racked with guilt, desperate to sort truth from fantasy, Rob starts time travelling between Afghanistan, his early life and now.
Mum, Me and the IED explores the effects of war-induced PTSD on already complex personalities and the military’s dualistic responses to spiritual and psychological I.E.D’s.  
Writer/Producer: James Balian & Roger Vickery
Director: Kevin Jackson
 Sound Designer: Ben Pierpoitn
 Production and Costume Designer: Rachel Scane
 Lighting Designer: Martin Kinnane
Matilda Brodie
Martin Harper
Elaine Hudson
Philippe Klaus
Joshua Shediak