Let's not get into organ politics right now.

Ignored, unappreciated and unwanted. Welcome to the world of the Disposables! Deep within the body, Appendix, Colon, Gallbladder and Spleen uncover truths about a world they previously believed to be their own.

Don't you ever wonder what's beyond these walls?

All these organs ever wanted was change, really big change. But they didn't want this...

Organs! pays homage to our bodies, and delves into the undercurrents of life, confronting us with the parts of ourselves that we often bury deep within. Hopes. Fears. Triumphs. Losses. Dreams. Truth. Security. Change.

Perhaps the world of our organs really isn't that different from our own.

Shopfront Arts Co‑op champions the voices of young artists and is proud to present Organs! a new movement-based theatre work written and directed by Shopfront Member, Nicole Pingon (18).

Building on the success of last years’ Member Production, Star Crossed by Zack Lewin, Shopfront is excited to support Nicole as she makes her directorial debut withOrgans! playing on the April 26th to 29th.

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88 Carlton Parade