Summer Mixtape

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Celebrate the upcoming summer with various musics from artist all around Sydney!

Stackhat is an absurdly passionate exploration of abstract sound, unadulterated self-expression and raw emotional exhibitionism. Painstakingly crafting his very own unique brand of urban-surrealism, Stackhat composes vast auditory odysseys peppered with schizophrenic samples and avant-garde poetics. Morbidly beautiful, Stackhat is an exercise in dark, enigmatic, sonic contradiction. For those seeking an escape from the usual played out cookie-cutter counter-culture clichés, Stackhat’s infallible punk rock ethos and penchant for genre mashing will leave you feeling slightly disturbed, strangely intrigued and pleasantly bewildered. 

*Twin Caverns*
Sydney band Twin Caverns blend delicate guitar riffs, carefully produced minimal electronic beats with a touch of nostalgic vocals thrown into the mix. They readily reference the likes of Hermitude, Plutonic Lab and Alt-J. The soulful depth to which the honeyed lyrics are born demonstrate a predominantly folk and blues background, with influences from Jeff Buckley and Beth Gibbons of Portishead.
The band has been featured in NME Magazine twice, have played both Mountain Sounds Festival, Sad Grrrls Fest as well as locking in shows with many top Australian acts including The Kite String Tangle, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Safia, Husky, & Willow Beats. Their EP 'Glass Balloon' was the debut release for the duo, now trio - A culmination of singles that were released throughout 2014-15. Now with additional band member and old mate Chuffy Smith on bass, the band have now set their sights to 2018 with production beginning on an album. 

*Deepsea Lights*
Not content living in just one genre, Blue Mountains duo Deepsea Lights dip their toes (and sometimes plunge their heads) into anything that inspires them. Lying somewhere between folk and trip-hop, their unique sound can move from rolling bass lines and ethereal vocal melodies, to beats composed entirely of household objects being struck with other household objects, to aggressive hip-hop rants, to soft rainy day folk songs. Stitching their inspirations together like a sonic patchwork quilt, they'll use whatever they can get their hands on in an effort to get things out of their heads and into the world. 

*Wandering Minstrel*
Central Coast creative Louise Donnelly (Wandering Minstrel) is a poet, musician, artist, composer and music educator. Her music and creative endeavors showcase her versatile and eclectic background as she takes her audience on a journey of sound, emotion and melody. Her instruments of choice are piano, flute, vocals and guitar. These organic instruments are used to create a healing and safe space for others to express emotions, journey through wild, magical realms and relax into both the body and spirit.
This year has seen Louise share the stage with Balinese singer/songwriter Rizal Abdulhadi, Chad Wilkins and conscious musician Dustin Thomas. Wandering Minstrel is an intuitive and sensitive musician who is constantly pushing the boundaries of melody and harmony, often in collaboration with percussion, stringed instruments and other artists. A soft truth-teller, her poetry has a way of seeping into the soul with strength and freedom.
Wandering Minstrel studied music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and is currently engaged in creative pursuits across multiple platforms including classical, folk, electronic, sound healing and fusion projects.
Wandering Minstrel has her debut EP out now (the anatomy of a wing) and a book of poetry is in the works. 

*Paperclip Galaxy*
Paperclip Galaxy combines sound design synthesis and audio manipulation to create forward-moving and evolving compositions. PG takes influence from textural music, vocalisations, and jagged structures. PG’s early works focused on outdoor environments; using field-recordings and location-sound to create beat-centred tracks - nowadays focusing on abstract, synthesised environments. One thing that has remained is a leaning to experimental processes, and a mixing of acoustic and synthetic sounds. PG has been featured on the internet publications; New Weird Australia, Squiggle Dot and Wood and Wire.


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