Sunset Cinema Valentine's Day event

@ North Sydney Oval

$20 - $45 + booking fee

IMB Sunset Cinema is at the historic North Sydney Oval until 28th March. The Oval is the location of Australia's first documented outdoor cinema, dating back to 1909, and more than a 100 years later the event will be attended by tens of thousands of locals, this time using a state of the art inflatable cinema screen and digital projector. Screening four nights a week over summer, IMB Sunset Cinema mixes blockbusters and cult classics, as well as live music, beanbags, gourmet food and a fully licensed.

Valentine’s Day event - 14 February 2015

Film - Ghost (1990) starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg

Blending comedy, romance, action, and horror, Ghost is a cult classic, a box-office smash and critically acclaimed, with five Academy Award nominations to its name. Patrick Swayze plays a ghost who teams with a psychic to uncover the truth behind his murder and to rescue his sweetheart from a similar fate.

Previous Triple J Unearthed winner and folk artist Leroy Lee will be performing live before the film begins, giving guests the perfect opportunity to enjoy some dinner, drinks and settle in for the evening.

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Miller Street
North Sydney