Technicolor Life

$22 - $32 + bf

Depot Theatre presents the Australian premiere of the award winning US play TECHNICOLOR LIFE by Jami Brandli. 

Vividly exploring through the female gaze how families cope when a wounded soldier returns home and attempts re-entry into ‘civilian life', TECHNICOLOR LIFE is presented by The Depot Theatre from 26 July - 12 August 2017.

TECHNICOLOR LIFE is a bold, moving and magical celebration of life, love and missing parts. Billie, a young Iraq War soldier, loses her left hand and is sent home. Billie’s book smart teenage sister, Maxine, with the help of her new imaginary friends - Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - and her mother, Susan, attempt to help Billie, but she refuses to talk about her war experience. Billie and Maxine’s grandmother, Franny moves into the household bringing her twenty wigs, love for old American musicals, wine coolers and cigarettes. Franny has a plan for a good-bye party that threatens to tear the family even further apart.