The Science of Tao Creation & Manifestation Power

@ Rydges

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$180 in person (early bird only $85 by Aug 17; group discount available for in person attendance only) / $125 webcast

Visiting international Quantum Physicist, Dr. Rulin Xiu PhD shares the profound truth revealed by quantum physics that will change your life.

'Create the love and life of your dreams'

Would you like to know how everything is created at a deep unified scientific, philosophic, and spiritual level? Would you like to understand love and oneness from the perspectives of science and the heart? Are you ready to grasp the science about the law of manifestation?

You will learn how to embrace and use your higher powers for creation and manifestation. Dr. Rulin, will share both her personal experience as well as the scientific definition, understanding, and practice about love and how to utilize love to create a life full of miracles.

What you will learn from both scientific and spiritual point of view:

• What is the source?
• How are the universe and everyone and everything created?
• You will learn from the quantum physics point of view how the message you give to yourself and others as well as your feeling, hearing, speaking, seeing, and your focus creates your life.
• Techniques to help you become a powerful manifestor.
• How to receive, give and have the greatest love in your life.
• How to use the power of the greatest love to heal and transform your health, relationship, finance, career, and every aspect of your life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your life in the most powerful and loving way.

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