Violent Extremism and Other Adult Party Games

$22 - $32 + bf

The truth can hurt. Especially in politics.

Robert Kelly seems to have it all. Stardom. A beautiful wife. A big house. And an ability to look good in reaction shots.

Still, he's not happy. His conscience is kicking in through the coke haze and it's telling him that he's a shallower than a red-neck's gene pool.

But is entering politics the answer? Could he be a voice for the common Australian? And how many lies must he tell to serve the truth?

Following one disastrous morning involving a twitter-famous teenage nazi sympathizer, an accidental death (or two) and a faked terrorist siege with a former shock jock, he'll discover how far he must go to save the country and, more importantly, prove he's not a complete jerk.

Written by AWGIE winning writer Richie Black, the play is a new Australian work premiering November 15th at the Depot Theatre, Marrickville.