Celebration of Love

Rebecca Varidel
30th Jun 2017

This July, beloved Spiritual Leader and Master Teacher, Maya Mackie will visit Sydney to present an expansive 3 day workshop Celebration of Love.

Master Maya’s compassionate approach has helped many people overcome obstacles in their lives. She deeply believes that everyone can transform any challenge into an opportunity for growth.

Celebration of Love

To gain a deeper understanding that true love is the love that lasts and has no conditions. It is the love that we read about in poems, the love of a mother to her child, the love of a teacher to his students, the love of a father to his child, the love of the leader to his people, the love of all within one.

It is the love that surpasses the human condition, and enters the love of all creation. Without beginning, without ending, eternal and profound, the power of Greatest Love can melt all blockages and unite all separation.

Thursday July 13th, 7pm - 10pm Celebration of Love Introductory Evening

An evening that will give the gift of deeper understanding of true love - the Greatest Love - the love that lasts and has no conditions.

Friday July 14th to Sunday 16th (10am - 10pm daily) Celebration of Love Retreat
$180 in person or $125 via webcast

Joyfully explore the power of Greatest Love!

The unconditional love that unites all separation. In the oneness of our own being, everything is possible. An expansive 3 day spiritual retreat that has the possibility to uplift our consciousness to a completely new outlook on life and our purpose.

Other Master Maya Sydney Events

Thursday July 13th, 10am - 4pm Vibrant Health & Happiness $50 in person or $35 via webcast

Creating a wave of positive change for anyone suffering from chronic conditions, unbalanced emotions such as a lack of energy, mental clarity, stress, depression, anxiety, and limitations of any kind.

Monday 17th, 6pm - 8pm Love Peace Harmony Concert
$25 in person or via webcast

Bringing the sound of heart and soul through singing, music and dance for the purpose of world peace and unity.

Location: Rydges Hotel, 54 McLaren Street, North Sydney

For those wishing to gain deeper awareness, a richer understanding of the world, and who wish to cultivate positive responses to life's challenges, Master Maya calls you to journey with her to a place of inner and outer beauty, where the qualities of Love, Peace and Harmony are the answer to all that we ask and search for.

Master Maya carries an innate ability to see what causes someone pain, on all levels – soul, heart, mind and body. Her loving and compassionate presence can help to facilitate the release of suffering, negative patterns, self-love issues and anything causing road blocks in life.

Register online >> https://www.drsha.com/events/clmm-jul14/

About Master Teacher Maya Mackie

Maya Mackie is a Master Teacher certified by Master Sha’s Tao Academy, the global leader of the Love Peace Harmony Movement and a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Master Maya has been interested in spirituality and in aspects of traditional Chinese medicine since her teenage years, studying many books and taking courses on these subjects.

Searching for a comprehensive technique that could address the root cause of imbalances and challenges to well-being, Maya studied a number of different modalities. Several years ago she discovered Master Sha’s book, The Power of Soul. She was so enthusiastic about the teachings that in 2009 she travelled to Hawaii to attend one of his retreats. This led her to study soulfulness seriously and to devote her life to empowering people to connect with their souls to align soul, heart, mind, and body into a balanced and harmonious whole.