Five Reasons To Learn First Aid

Rebecca Varidel
23rd Aug 2018

You don't need a license to save lives is the campaign motto for the Australian Red Cross this September 8, #WorldFirstAidDay.

Doing our Good Samaritan we thought we'd give you a little nudge why learning First Aid is a good idea.

1. First At The Scene

The response time in First Aid incidents is often critical. By example, 15% of road accident fatalities could be prevented if first aid was administered by first on the scene. That's more than 1000 Australian lives that could be saved in five years.

“It is well known that unless timely first aid is provided, many severely injured people do not survive. The application of first aid techniques, in particular proper positioning of the victim prior to the arrival of emergency response team, can mean the difference between life and death" World First Aid Day spokesperson, Janie McCullagh said.

2. Improved Confidence

Bystanders to an accident can be fearful of doing the wrong thing. When faced with a crisis, people may even panic. These reactions can delay the casualty from being treated. First Aid training provides confidence in knowing what to do, and enables greater confidence, composure and self assurance in the event of an accident.

3. Work Status

In Sydney legislation can require workplaces to have employees that are trained to administer First Aid. By completing First Aid training you can improve your opportunities in securing a new job or meeting the requirements of an existing position that may require you to have these qualifications. Though we're all for extra learning anyway, do it even if the job description doesn't say so.

4. Someone You Know

First Aid isn't just for strangers. It's more than likely that if you are giving First Aid it will be to someone you know. Every year over 20,000 people die in Australia from heart disease and 80% of cardiac arrests occur in the home or a domestic setting. It is more than likely that if you are required to perform CPR, you will be performing CPR on someone you know.

5. It's This Easy

No more reasons needed. It's this easy:

-        Book into an Australian Red Cross first aid training course 1300 367 428 or online

-        Buy an Australian Red Cross first aid kit

-        Download the Australian Red Cross first aid app