How To Live A Soulful Life: What Is Alignment?

Mirva Inkeri
1st Jul 2018

Recently a friend said to me, "Mirva, people don’t know what alignment means".

I was somewhat perplexed and I said, "really?" I thought alignment was very much in the common vocabulary nowadays. Maybe I am wrong.

What does alignment mean for you? 

Alignment with our journey – there is external alignment, and internal alignment.

External alignment could be living in harmony with nature, being connected with the seasons. This too is very important and I have talked about this before. At this time we are deep in the winter season. In the ancient Chinese 5 Element theory, this is the time of the Water Element. In the northern hemisphere the water body freezes so deep that you can drive a small bus over the ice across the sea.  How very, very different is that for many parts of the southern hemisphere. Winter is the deep time of rest, rejuvenation, deep, deep nourishing rest. The nature rests which is much more obvious again in the northern hemisphere where many parts are covered under the snow. The trees have dropped their leaves and flowers don’t blossom outside. Here in Sydney is very different looking.

So to be in alignment with the season is to eat food that is in alignment, is to eat the hot soup that sometimes we can crave for. The romantic winter fires to feel the heat of the fire place. It is the time of going internal, accessing the stillness, the emptiness, the peace within. And why it might be we may not feel or experience peace within? Aha! This is where we access the deeper concept of alignment.

Now on to internal alignment, the alignment of our soul heart mind and body as one.

In this current era the soul is the boss. The soul leads the heart, which leads the mind, which leads the energy, which leads the matter in the physical body. So when we have a cold or the flu, when we are in tune and in alignment with our soul, we can access the power of our soul to heal ourselves, to restore the relative balance in the body, to return to health.

This is the wisdom of the soul to know the power of one’s soul. When we feel depleted, deficient in energy, run down and more, the soul has the power to rejuvenate us, to boost our energy. The soul is amazing! The soul has the power to build our immunity so as to prevent the winter coughs and colds and flus and more. But do we have the wisdom how to access the power of the soul?

The soul has the power to increase our stamina. This can be emotional stamina, mental stamina. The physical stamina is obvious, but the mental and emotional resilience that comes through the stamina of our heart and mind to be clear, to be stable, to be solid, to be focused. The soul is the boss. Therefore it has so many capabilities.

The soul can heal.

The soul can bless.

The soul can nourish.

The soul can rejuvenate and much more.

Therefore it can be extremely liberating, accelerating and totally life transforming, to seek to align the soul with our other aspects of the heart, with the mind and the body.

The soul knows our purpose in life. The soul knows the direction where it wants to lead us. The soul has the power to block us when our mind is trying to direct us in another way. This is when we have the experience where we feel like we are hitting our head against the brick wall. This could be the soul blocking us because… remember who is the boss? The soul is the boss!

The mind’s role is to only process the information. Part of the illusion to break free from, is to realise that it is old wisdom, old intelligence that the mind is in charge. The mind is powerful absolutely, but nowhere near as powerful as the heart and the soul are.

The soul has the ability to open our hearts so the tunnel of the heart can be cleared and opened to receive the guidance from our soul so that it is clearly and accurately delivered to the mind for processing. Some people say, but my mind is so busy that I cannot stop the chatter. It is ongoing. This is true very often!  This is because the heart is not clear enough, open enough to hear the soul, to receive the messages from our beloved soul.

When we align with our soul, when we align our soul heart mind and body, the benefits are deeply practical, they are very tangible. However not many of us have tipped our toes into this wisdom, let alone apply it into our lives.

So here is a brief practice for you to align your soul heart mind and body. If you like, do this with me now.

Body power:  Please sit up straight. Either cross legged or if for example you are in a café and you can’t do that, just have your legs uncrossed and your feet flat on the ground. Place your left palm on your belly button and place your right hand on your heart chakra in the middle of the chest. Close your eyes.

Take 3 to 5 gentle deep breaths to connect within. Closing the eyes helps to close off literally the external stimuli so we can become more aware what we feel inside, what is happening inside. This does not need to take very long. So even if you are in a public place, just allow yourself to close your eyes for a few moments, few minutes, as you are breathing and relaxing, bring your focus and attention where your lower palm is, your left palm in the navel area. Bring your focus inside that lower abdominal cavity. This is the soul intelligence centre.

Mind power:  Now imagine, visualise or just think shining, brilliant, shimmering golden light filling this whole cavity inside your body. This is the mind power.

Soul power:  Now silently “say hello” to your soul. Say,

“Dear my beloved soul, I love you. (we give love to the soul because love melts all blockages). I appreciate you. Could you please guide me? Could you please direct me, help me to align my soul heart mind and body? I may not have asked this before, or connected before, so please guide me. Please align my soul heart mind and body. Thank you so much.”

Sound power:  Repeat this sentence for 2 to 3 minutes like a mantra.

“My soul aligns my soul heart mind and body as one

My soul aligns my soul heart mind and body as one

My soul aligns my soul heart mind and body as one

My soul aligns my soul heart mind and body as one

My soul aligns my soul heart mind and body as one”


After you pause the mantra, allow yourself to sit in the stillness for a moment until afterwards.

Then take a deep breath in and return your focus to the present moment.

To close the practice, say three times – “thank you thank you thank you.”

Expressing gratitude to our soul heart mind and body is important. It is a message of appreciation. When we ask our soul to do something for us, it is important to appreciate that service to us. Just take a moment and observe how you feel now.

I invite you to repeat this practice on a daily basis. Best would be several times a day. This does not need to take long. You can do this for 2 or 3 minutes at a time, and if you do this 3 times or more over several days, you may start to notice some changes, some shifts.

Try it!

“If you want to know the pear is sweet, taste it.” ~ Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha.

If you want to know the power of your soul, try it!


May you live a soulful life.

I love my heart and soul.

I love all humanity.

Join hearts and souls together.

Love peace and harmony.

Love peace and harmony.


With love and blessings,

Master Mirva


Photo by Dardan on Unsplash