How to Live a Soulful Life: What Is The Season To Sing And Be Happy?

Mirva Inkeri
21st Apr 2018

At this time in the Chinese Five Element theory we are moving from the season of Late Summer into Autumn. It has been a fascinating transition so far, as many people so often grieve the end of Summer. They grieve the end of the heat, the warmth, the sun shining and more. These are the people who resonate deeply with the element of fire.

The Autumn belongs to the Metal Element. Some people absolutely revel at this time. Some people could fall into depression. These are the two extremes and the rest of us are somewhere “paddling in the middle”.

It is the time of year where we transition into Winter rest. Even if the landscape in the Southern Hemisphere isn’t covered with snow, Winter at the end of the day is a time of rest. So Autumn is the time for letting go, releasing the old that no longer serves us.

What happens when we release something old? It creates space for something new. What happens when we let go and release something that no longer serves us? It opens new realms of reality, possibilities, probabilities, ways of being, operating and thinking.

Release creates an opening. So maybe this year, this season, this time you can look at what can bring you joy and happiness especially if your pattern is to go down as the sun sets so to speak of Summer and even if it isn’t your pattern, how is it that this time of Autumn before the Winter rest that instead of, at times we allow the body to get sluggish, we reduce our movement. We reduce going outside and so forth. How is it that we can release the joy and happiness that comes from deep within our heart and soul, way beyond the human nature, behaviour, happiness that is often dependent on somebody saying something nice to us, somebody doing something nice for us or if that happens, then other thoughts can appear in our thinking, in our minds.

So how do we tap into this effervescent supply of high frequency that brings love, light, joy and happiness with it? The key is to open the heart and soul. This includes the spiritual heart which is the heart chakra, also known as the Message Centre.

Many people know sound healing. Many people know the healing frequency of sound, the higher vibrations. This has been experienced, explored for eons. Healing sounds of mantras have been chanted amongst countless traditions and times. Musical instruments have been played for the purposes of changing our consciousness, allowing us travel through spaces. So sound and movement can be so healing and uplifting. Nowadays there all kinds of dance classes, freedom dance, conscious dancing, wu dao dance, five element dance, etc, etc.

As a Certified Master and Teacher of Tao Dance this totally resonates with me. It is so important for us to be able to even have the awareness, that to tap into the power of our heart and soul have such infinite healing power as well as life transformation power.

Financial blockages! who suffers from financial challenges, blockages that either money comes in but it goes out the same way, or there is not enough coming in? These are blockages related to the heart chakra, the spiritual heart. Therefore opening of the heart and soul is critical for us to clear any negative messages we may have, conscious or unconscious.

So finding your own voice, your own sound, perhaps is the release opening for you. This is not the ordinary singing that is technically correct this way or that way or attuned with this or that melody.

What if your own heart and soul has its own melody, its own sound, its own frequency and vibration? This is the kind of healing sound I am talking about as well as all other musical. So many sound healers nowadays help to uplift the frequency and vibration of the planet. Some of these are very popular. I love sound healing. How about movement? Qi Gong, Tai Chi have existed for many, many centuries and date back to very, very ancient times, for example in the Chinese culture.

Yoga – how long has yoga existed? Depends on what tradition you look at and trace back. There is a new wave of movement called Tao Calligraphy Tai Ji that uses the Source frequency and vibration through the Tao Source Calligraphies and when you move your body to trace these calligraphies connects us with the higher Source frequency and vibration creating openings, releasing the old and enabling the new to come in.

So whether you look for movement, whether you love to move to dance, whether you look for sound healing, whether you love it or you actively dislike it or you want to release your own heart and soul, your own voice, I invite you to explore within you and whatever way it is to bring you the higher connection of your heart and soul, the deeper connection with your heart and soul, to align yourself with your heart and soul, and in this way bring the deeper, greater alignment for your life.

Align your physical journey with your spiritual journey because your spiritual journey is one with your physical journey. This is the oneness concept within each and every individual. When we have greater alignment we have greater awareness. This could bring about deep, deep awakenings individually and collectively.

When one of us awakens deeper, all of us awaken deeper. Science already proves this, the concepts between individuals and collective. You can do much research and google about this, if that is of your interest.

My calling to you personally is, to awaken more deeply to your heart and soul, to your soul’s potential probabilities, capabilities and more, to embody, to embrace deep soul joy, well being and happiness.

I love my heart and soul.

I love all humanity.

Join hearts and souls together.

Bring love peace and harmony.

Bring love peace and harmony.


With love light and blessings,

Master Mirva


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