How To Live A Soulful Life

Mirva Inkeri
29th Jun 2017

In today’s day and age, how many of us look for deeper purpose and meaning in our lives? How many of us look at what is happening around the world and feel the shattering insanity of world events? How many of us have the yearning for a deeper connection with others?

How many of us are looking for a different way of feeling, living, being fulfilled and yet though we keep looking we haven’t necessary found the answers, or answers that are meaningful enough?

The Soul Is The Boss

What we have missed most of all, is our connection with the soul. At this stage of our evolution and development as humanity collectively, as well as individually, the soul has moved into its role as the boss.

The soul carries the highest knowledge and wisdom that we can have access to. And who doesn't want that? When we connect with our soul, and connect our soul with our hearts, with our mind and finally with the body, we can finally experience the state called  Soulfulness. Here's how.

Soulfulness Practice

So how can we connect with our soul? Here is a practice based on Four Power Techniques® by Master Zhi Gang Sha: Body Power, Mind Power, Sound Power and Soul Power.

Body Power: sit up straight with your feet flat on the ground. Straighten your back, roll your shoulders up, back and down. Place your left palm on your navel. Place your right palm on your heart or in the middle of your chest in this area also known as the Heart Chakra. This is also called the Message Centre. This is where we can receive messages from our soul. This is Body Power.

Mind Power: is creative visualisation. With your mind’s eye, visualise, imagine or just think light. If you feel you cannot imagine or visualise, just think light - golden light, purple light, rainbow light, whatever light resonates with you. Visualise this area inside your chest cavity behind your sternum filled with this light.

Soul Power: is to say hello. So let us say hello to our very own soul now.

Dear my soul, I love you. I appreciate you. I honour you. (it is important to give love to start the conscious connection and relationship with our soul). You have the power to create the greatest alignment between my soul, heart, mind and body. Please do so now. Thank you so much.

Sound Power is to sign or recite healing sounds or ancient mantras. For this practice we will say the following for 3 to 5 minutes.

My soul aligns with my heart, mind and body.

My soul aligns with my heart, mind and body. My soul aligns with my heart, mind and body. My soul aligns with my heart, mind and body. My soul aligns with my heart, mind and body.”

Keep repeating this silently to yourself or aloud for 3-5 minutes. Speak it slow. Completely focus internally with your eyes closed. Breath naturally. Allow yourself to feel the pause between the sentences.

After 3-5 minutes, close the practice by saying Hao. Hao. Hao. Hao means perfect, get well. It is like an affirmation to end.

Now, observe how you are feeling. If you use your mind may not notice dramatic results or differences straight away. Remember you are accessing a part of you that surpasses the logical.

The best benefit from this practice can be achieved, the more often you do this. An ideal time would be to start your day with connecting with your soul. So you set the tone of your day in the morning like this. There is nothing wrong with doing this practice throughout the day though, at any time it suits you or whenever you feel like it.

However, we have - I dare say - lived for so many, many, many eons from our mind, that it will take some effort to surpass the mind and access what is beyond it, to access the soul.

Love And Alignment

Soulfulness radiates from the ancient wisdom of the alignment of the soul, heart, mind and body. In ancient wisdom this is Shen Qi Jing He Yi.

Shen contains soul heart and mind.
Qi is energy.
Jing is matter, the physical body.
He Yi (/i>means join as one.

This is the deepest most complete alignment we can achieve. When soul, heart, mind and body align as one.

You could also try this simple practice to bring the heart and love into your practice.

Using the Four Power Techniques ®, and simply repeating as the Sound Power...

I love my heart and soul.

Welcome Master Mirva

(We are delighted to welcome Master Teacher Mirva Inkeri as a regular Sydney Scoop contributor on spirituality. And to share this first article, practice, and her personal message to you.)

"I am delighted to start this journey of how to live a soulful life with you and am excited and honoured to share different pieces of wisdom, practices, tools and techniques with you. So together we can create a soulful life.
May you have peace in your heart.
May you align deeply with your soul heart mind and body." Master Mirva