Inside The Tide Horticulture Exhibit

Rebecca Varidel
3rd Dec 2021

Traditional plant lovers might not think about the ocean but that’s exactly why our underwater world has been brought to life in a new display at The Calyx in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney this summer.

From today until June 22, the Inside the Tide horticulture exhibit will take visitors on an immersive experience of spectacular aquatic delights, highlighting the importance of our marine environment while showcasing the garden’s stunning collections.

During this weekend only, Erth will have a deep sea diver performer that will rove The Calyx between midday and 3pm for an afternoon like no other.

“When most people hear the word seaweeds, they think of the dead stuff rotting on the beach or it touching their legs when they’re trying to swim,” phycologyist (who studied marine algae) Dr Yola Metti says.

“There’s a huge lack of awareness of the benefits of marine algae in general. One of the biggest things we can be thankful for is the amount of oxygen algae produce.

Combining the theatrical with horticulture, this exhibition creates a surreal, magical and playful display. Telling the stories of hero plants in three aquatic communities: Kelp Forests, Coral Reefs and Seagrass Meadows, wander through what feels like an under the sea experience and watch a pantomime come to life. Come face to face with giant sea creatures like the topiary blue whale, a chandelier of jellyfish or blue ringed octopus with interactive elements both children and adults will enjoy.

The display has both free and ticketed event options, driving a hub of activity in the Sydney CBD, where all profits will go to supporting The Botanic Gardens horticulture initiatives.