Craft Beer and Cheese Paddles

Rebecca Varidel
2nd Jun 2015

What came first the beer or the cheese? Food and beverage matching (or is it bevvy and food matching?) has been a happening thing for some time. It was a natural process throughout history. Food from the region was drunk with wine beer or spirits from the region, often with seasonal matches. The matches were natural because the ingredients for both the beverage and the food grew in the region. Step forward in time, and together we've experienced amazing food and beverage matches in Sydney, at restaurants and in bars.

Next up The Rocks Brewing Co. their craft beer and matching cheese paddles available across their three pubs: The Brewery Bar in Alexandria, Harts Pub in the Rocks and the Lord Raglan Hotel in Redfern.

The matches have been selected by the Rocks Brewing Co. team, including founder Mark Fethers. With a focus on local produce, four of the cheese matches are made in Australia and due to the impeccable match with our Hangman Pale Ale, one is sourced from Spain. For the foodies out there, these are not only great beer matches, but the cheese are some of the artisanal best that this country has to offer. Go for it...

Boxer Red Ale with Pyengana Clothbound Cheddar

This semi-hard, cow’s milk, cheddar style cheese comes from Tasmania and is one of Australia’s oldest specialist cheeses. It has an open texture and can have a crumble curd structure with general aromas of summer grass, herbs and honey. The Boxer Red Ale uses crystal and chocolate malts from the UK creating a soft, caramel flavour profile, giving a hit of chocolate and caramel on the nose.

Aroma: Light malt with toffee and coffee notes
Flavour: Malt flavours with light bitterness
Appearance: Deep red, off white head
Body: Medium
Bitterness: 24 IBU
Alcohol: 4.2%

Governor Golden Ale with Berry's Creek Riverine Blue

This blue mould cheese comes from Gippsland Victoria from buffalo milk; the brand has been recognised with the highest awards in Wisconsin, USA at the World Cheese Championship. It delivers a, “Soft creamy mouth feel with an almost savoury flavour profile that finishes with a lingering lactic sweetness.” Our Governor Golden Ale carries malt sweetness upfront with moderate bitterness finishing dry to make this beer a delightful thirst quencher.

Aroma: Citrus, stone fruit, and malt notes
Flavour: Subtle bitterness with stone fruit and citrus
Appearance: Light golden with a fluffy white head
Body: Light
Bitterness: 25 IBU
Alcohol: 4.5%

Hangman Pale Ale with Manchego

This cheese made from sheep milk from the La Mancha region in Spain must be firm and dry, yet rich and creamy to be qualified for the Manchego label. There will be, “A richness, reminiscent of Brazil nuts and burnt caramel with a slightly salty finish." Our American inspired pale ale is a bold flavoured beer, championing cascade, centennial and mosaic hops provides an aroma of citrus and pine. Biscuit malt profile with a firm bitterness leaves you satisfied yet wanting more!

Aroma: Big citrus and pine notes
Flavour: Malt, hops, and more hops
Appearance: Deep gold with a tight, white head
Body: Medium-full
Bitterness: 40 IBU
Alcohol: 4.9%

Convict Larger with Meridith Marinated Feta

This handmade goat’s milk curd made in Victoria conveys, “A mild goaty-herby flavour with a slightly citric finish.” It is marinated in a blend of extra virgin olive oil and canola oil infused with fresh herbs. Our Convict Lager is brewed with Munich and Vienna malts, along with Ella and Saaz hops added late to the whirlpool and dry-hopped for extra flavour. The clean malt of this craft lager complements the fresh, grassy hop palate, making it the perfect hoppy session beer.

Aroma: Herbaceous spicy hops
Flavour: Light, with a fresh and grassy hop aroma
Appearance: Burnt gold with a tight white head
Body: Light
Bitterness: 30 IBU
Alcohol: 5.1%

IPA with Milawa King River Gold Log

This wash-rind cheese is hand-made at the Milawa Butter Factory in the wine region of North East Victoria. It is made with cow’s milk with no preservatives added and has a, “Soft interior with a slightly gritty rind and a rich, almost smoky flavour.” The IPA is a true West Coast style IPA built on a simple malt bill of pale malt with a small amount of Crystal that really allows the hops to shine. Four fruity, resinous, pungent hop varieties all packed in provide the hop punch.

Aroma: Resinous Pine with an abundance of citrus coming through
Flavour: Initial malt sweetness, oily mouthfeel with a big burst of hop flavour followed by an assertive bitterness
Appearance: Golden with a creamy off white head
Bitterness: 70 IBU
Alcohol: 7%